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SquareOffs is a microdebate platform

used by online publishers and brands to promote meaningful conversation, increase engagement, and create new revenue.


Quality Engagement

Keep conversation around trending topics on your site with our bite-sized content.


New Revenue

Earn incremental revenue as you engage readers and keep traffic on your site.

Increase Traffic

Your audience can share SquareOffs on social, driving readers back to your site.

Audience Insight

Capture valuable demographic and sentiment data to better understand your readers.


Want high quality content & additional page views on your site instantly — with no cost and no heavy lifting?

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A no brainer.

A few things that are meant to make your life a little easier ...

Syndicated Content

Generate additional revenue without any extra work with SquareOffs Feeds.

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Wordpress Plugin

Create and add a SquareOff to your posts without ever leaving WordPress.

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Mobile SDK & APIs

Easily install SquareOffs into your mobile app with our SDK or APIs.

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"SquareOffs delivers on the five most important attributes of any new digital media solution – amplification, authenticity, accuracy, analytics, accountability."

Howard Tullman, Columnist at Inc. & CEO at 1871

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